MAASTRICHT, ... streetlife  ... in corona tijd.

Jaren zestig korrel en (on)scherpte.

All in all, Ernst Leitz in Wetzlar still had some business going for them. Leicas were even traded with Switzerland for minerals! The Carl Zeiss-made Contax camera sales had dropped since the war started. To make sure not all profit remained with Leitz, the president of the Carl Zeiss Jena plant ordered that the Leicas should be fitted with Carl Zeiss lenses.

And so Carl Zeiss in Jena made several lenses in Leica Thread Mount. They issued a Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 50mm f2.0, a Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 50mm f1.5, a Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 85mm f2.0 and a Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 135mm f4.0.

At the end of the war, the Russians overran the Jena plant on their race to reach Berlin before the Allied Forces. They immediately started dismantling the factory and transplanted it to Charkow in Ukraine. The FED factories in that city had earlier been demolished by the German military advance. They took everything they could get with them to Charkow: designs, machines, stock, and even workers were forced to relocate to Charkow. The famous Sonnar lenses were the ancestors of the Jupiter-8 (50mm f2.0), the Jupiter-3 (50mm f1.5), the Jupiter-11 (135mm f4.0) and the Jupiter-9 (85mm f2.0). The Russians even adapted the Contax-mount Biogon 35mm f2.8 to their Jupiter-12 35mm f2.8 in LTM


en een oudere JUPITER 8

Sonnar at a budget price.  Those are the thoughts when purchasing a Jupiter 8 lens.  A lens design which has become quite a “must have” for a photographer, but can be out of reach in many cases.  This is where the wonderful Jupiter 8 (ЮПИТЕР-8) comes in, with a very useable L39 Leica Thread Mount or Contax bayonet mount, both of which have a plethora of inexpensive adapters for a wide range of cameras.

The Jupiter 8 is a lens you may reach for when you feel creative.  Do not put it on your camera if you are looking for edge to edge sharpness, spend the extra money and get the Zeiss Planar instead.  If you are looking at introducing some character into your photos, then this lens gives it in spades, with some pretty amazing sharpness in the middle.  Don’t mistake this as a criticism, it is a feature which defines it.

JUPITER 8  F:2  50mm
JUPITER 8 F:2 50mm

Fuji X-pro 1 + adapter M39/FX (FOV 75mm)


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